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Now I'm not sure what the person is doing now, but what I do know is that if God meant for that name to go to the person then that name will have meaning. But if it wasn't and was just some cosmic coincidence then there's no harm. The world didn't end, and no one was hurt. God's voice changes things, and when we as His Sons and Daughters can learn to hear it, to recognise it, and to actually be it — act it out - on Earth we serve our Lord to bring the Kingdom of Heaven closer to people.

Are You Struggling To Hear God’s Voice?

It can definitely take some practice to get right. You will almost certainly fumble a few times, but that means you're trying, and eventually you will succeed. Because once you have, that voice, the voice you hear and the voice you use, will transform both your own life and the lives around you.

Home Life Pixabay I have a question for you; how does one hear the voice of God? Hearing the Voice I can tell you with certainty He's never spoken to me audibly. Knowing the Voice Now once you've taken some time to listen you might start hearing some things, but how do we know what we're hearing is Him, or is us?

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Being the Voice A friend of mine, let's call him John, once saw someone's face in his mind during a conference. The Voice has power God's voice changes things, and when we as His Sons and Daughters can learn to hear it, to recognise it, and to actually be it — act it out - on Earth we serve our Lord to bring the Kingdom of Heaven closer to people. Most Read Drifting from church Methodist Church Conference commends proposals to allow same-sex marriages Victory for Christian social work student removed from course over Facebook post School protests and parents of faith: can a way forward be found?

Church of England will not challenge marriage of transgender worshippers. More News The problem with God's omnipotence Israel Folau fundraiser paused after outpouring of support Impact of slavery still being felt in the US today, say half of American Christians Rose Hudson-Wilkin to become Church of England's first black female bishop Call to action asks global Church to promote the contribution of women and girls A grotesque abortion ruling defeated — but why was an abortion activist the judge? What's the difference? The cattle are with my relative constantly. He spends time with them daily and is the one who feeds and cares for them.

The cows feel comfortable around him, and they can instantly tell when a stranger is among them.

1. Quiet the External Noise

If we are to know God's voice, we must spend time with Him daily. We have to be sure to spend quality time daily in prayer and Bible study. That is how we get to know God and hear His voice. As you spend intimate time with God and His Word, the easier it will be to recognize His voice. God speaks to us primarily through the Bible, but we can sometimes also hear God's voice in our consciences, in circumstances, and through other people.

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By filtering what we see and hear through the Bible, we can know if we are truly hearing the voice of God. Learn More about Hearing God's Voice! What do you think? God , the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus , the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried , and rose from the dead according to the Bible. Permit, receive and thank God for the dreams you want to see manifest. God speaks through visions. This is a visual like a dream but without being asleep.

God can be showing you the future, the present or the past. Tip: Build a stronger relationship with God especially through prayer and fasting and more of your spiritual senses will be open to hear God. The Holy Spirit should be the central and main foundation every time God speaks, be it when we are reading the word, or through a person or a circumstance. He acts as our inner witness to reveal and confirm deep things to us.

Through discernment a solid knowing, sensing or conviction , a tug in your heart or a gut feeling, we would recognize the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a pathway into the supernatural and spiritual realm. Once you start to pray and focus on God to lead you, He starts to give you what to actually pray about - be it in your understanding or in the Spirit. In a case like this, it may not make sense to you but Holy Spirit guides us in the best way to pray and what to pray about. In the bible, God spoke to Samuel in an audible voice and although in these days it might seem absurd, God is still very much the same yesterday, today and forever.

God still speaks in an audible voice.

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An unworried heart and spirit can also be God speaking to us. If you can quiet your spirit and be really true to self, you can tell what God is saying and if you truly have peace about a decision or situation. God speaks through miracles, signs and wonders mainly to increase our faith and ignite our hunger and thirst for Him.

God is always speaking but the problem is that we are not always listening. I am well convinced that every believer should have at minimum 5 ways that God personally speaks to them. It is only the voice of a stranger you do not recognize but the more familiar you are with a person, the more you can hear their voice even from a distance, even at a whisper, even the unspoken words because you have spent enough time with them.

God is constantly directing us, leading us, warning us, encouraging us, promising us, comforting us and we need to be aware of His voice so that we are not spiritually deaf. Our lives will take such an amazing turn if only we can strengthen our ear muscles and detect God's voice easily even in a world full of opinions. How ahead can we get with the direct telephone line of the president of the universe?

God is a creative God. We are all unique and God will speak to us in different ways. These are just a few common examples of ways that God speaks. With God you have to realize that everything is intentional.

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